Friday, August 2, 2013

Back To School Goals Linky!

I have been LOVING reading the Back To School Goals over at I Heart Recess!

I {Heart} Recess

So, today I'm joining up with her linky party for MY back to school goals. Monday is our first inservice day - so what a perfect time! Here goes - my goals for 2013-14!

Personal: My personal goal is to finish as much of my work AT work that I can. I am SO guilty of bringing home work and taking time away from my hubby. This also means I can't stay after until 6:00 either though!!

Organization: I start off every year SUPER organized. I start to lose it around Halloween. By Christmas - FORGET it. So, even if it just means cleaning off my desk every afternoon, then I HAVE to do it! 

Planning: I used to plan a whole unit at a time - but I'm not a big fan of that. I even revamped my lesson format this summer, and I have planned my first week of Math lessons already. Yay! I know that saying that I want to stay 2 weeks ahead is a joke. I just won't do it. So, my realistic goal is to have the plans done for the week on Monday morning! 

Professional: I love love LOVE that I have started blogging -- I have linked up with so many GREAT teachers that have FABULOUS ideas. I know they will make my lessons better, and make my students learning better. 

Students: For my students, I want to foster a passion for learning. Students who want to learn, are so eager to do well. I want to change their lives forever, not just teach them 3rd grade! 

Motto: Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Who cares what "ever other teacher" does. I want to be ME - the crazy, fun-loving teacher that does outrageous things to get her students excited about everything! 

Thanks for reading my Linky - head on over to I Heart Recess to read some other goals for B2S! 


  1. Great goals! I also thought for planning that consistently being two weeks ahead would be a little two ambitious for me. Baby

    1. Thank you! Two weeks is just too much! I DID however write all my first week plans today while I was sick on the couch- So, for right now I'm 10 days ahead. I'm sure that will be as far ahead as I stay! :) Thanks for reading!