Sunday, May 18, 2014

Winding Down the Year, and a Freebie!

As I read through blogs this weekend, I noticed how many schools are just starting testing. That would have been my school last year, but this year our last day is May 30! (Students' last day is May 28!!) We are off for Memorial Day next Monday, which means we only have 7 days of school left! Two of those days we will be testing for our state math test, and one of those days is Field Day! So, I'm left with 3 days and 1 half day. I'm kind of FREAKING OUT!! I totally have everything under control. I really don't want my kids to be burnt out from all the testing, so for our last two days of math review, I have planned some fun games. I'm pulling back out all my task cards and center games from the year to review, but I just didn't have enough to get through two days.
So, I set to work this weekend. I created a Fraction Task Cards set, which you can find on TpT for only $1.50!! I still haven't completed our Geometry review with the Geometry Task Card set I made last week, but the Duck Dynasty review was a HIT!
I knew I still needed some more review, so this evening I set to work on a Money Task Card set. My students needed practice in counting money, making change, and comparing money amounts. I know the end of the year is a SUPER busy time for everyone, so in celebration of the end of the year ......the task cards will be FREE in my TpT store for about the next week!! So, grab it while you can. All I ask is that you leave a rating after you download! Just click on the picture to grab it!

Have a great week ya'll!! 


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