Monday, May 12, 2014

Duck Dynasty Review, and I won!

I was not the happiest when my doggies woke me up before 6am on this Monday morning...until I checked my email. Courtney from Swimming into Second emailed me to let me know I won her giveaway! I cannot WAIT to get my personalized product from C. Jayne Teach, but I may be addicted to her products. Seriously! If you haven't been to Courtney's page, you need to get yesterday. You can follow her on TpT here. If you teach 2nd or 3rd grade- her resources like hitting the TpT jackpot. Seriously! I LOVE using her fun games and centers for the beginning of the year to review, and to send home with the 2nd graders so ***HOPEFULLY*** they will get in some practice throughout the summer before 3rd grade. 

So, like many of my fellow VA teachers, I am in testing mode. Our state test (named the SOLs....yeah....just like the other thing) are going on at our school now because our last day is May 28! We have already had Science and Social Studies, and we still have Reading and Math. Yes-- I teach 3rd grade and my kids are expected to take 4 test. Thank goodness SOMEONE with half a brain realized this was WAY too much for a little 9 year old person, and next year we only have to take Reading and Math. It only took them a couple of decades to figure out. So -- all I can say about the testing is...we took it. My kids tried their best, and what more could I ask for. After our Reading SOL, which will be split into two days, the kiddos are going to need some FUN. The problem is we still have our Math SOL next week, and we missed like a MONTH of school this winter. Seriously-- everyone missed like a month of school this winter! So, I used my new Robertson Family clip art from Melonheadz, and created a file based on last year's released SOL. I'm going to let my kids work in partners/groups to solve the problems. Next week I may use the review for task cards, or Scoot. You can get it for your review in my TpT Store.

If you are testing this week -- may the coffee be with you! Especially in VA -- all we can do is be in the room. Don't sit too long, don't stand too long, don't read the screens, don't grade papers, don't write anything down, don't fall asleep! I wish I could grade some papers from my never ending stack during this time...but I can't. So- if you are testing in an environment like that -- bring COFFEE!! :)


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