Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Belated March Currently!

So, last weekend was the first weekend of March - but it was also my niece's birthday party - so I was SUPER busy helping my sister pull off a Spa Party for twenty 8 year olds! ACK!
So - better late than never..... I'm linking up with Farley for my March Currently - on a new design that I am LOVING :)

Listening: The snow is melting!! Yay! I'm SO ready for some spring like weather! I have to have some noise on while I work, so right now it's Will and Grace marathon! I love that show :) 

Loving - Our PTO! They gave each teacher $100 for classroom supplies! $50 of mine is for TpT and $50 for Office Max, which brings me to my next thought....

Thinking - I NEED a new planner. I have looked @ Erin Condren and @ Plum Paper, but I just don't have the ca$h right now. Josh and I are on the track to being caught back up, but we just aren't there yet. I am thinking I may use my $50 at Office Max to create a planner and have it bound. Then, I can put EVERYTHING I need into the planner. 

Wanting - More time before SOLs. That's VA's standardized testing - and they're coming up QUICK. Scary quick! I need more time!!!!! 

Needing - STOP PROCRASTINATING. haha -- I finished my Graphing Pack and uploaded it to TpT today. Now I need to finish a quick probability and patterns/properties packet for my kiddos. 

?????? -- stay tuned to find out where these products will be joining a Blog Hop giveaway!!! 


  1. I enjoyed reading your currently. Our PTO gave teachers $100.00 to spend also but they only did it for one year. (It was last year) It was super nice of them and it really came in handy. I like your idea of a planner. Maybe that is what I need to plan my ideas for my posts or at least write them down when I think about them. I tend to forget what I was thinking about when I get to the computer and then I feel like a waste a lot of time trying to come up with something. Anyway, good luck with your testing. It's a stressful time of year for teachers and students. Best of Luck.