Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pinterest Project Thursday! Organizing My Classroom Library

Don't tell me I'm the only one that made a "Things to do from Pinterest" B2S list!! I mean- there are just so many pins and so little time! Well, lately in Pin-land and blogger land I have been seeing all of these SUPER organized classroom bookshelves, and I think to myself - "Who are you and what kind of time do you have?!". Well.......the more I looked at those beautiful baskets with labels, the more I wanted them in my room. I stalked looked at about a million blogs and pins, and even looked at some labels on TpT, but couldn't find anything that was just quite right! Then, I kept looking at my shelf, and it just didn't seem organized enough. You can kind of see from this photo - there were just baskets of books. Some authors were together, but not all - and the kids were getting everything all mixed up when they try to put up their books. The more I looked at the shelf, the more my left eye started to twitch!!
Some authors were together, but not all - and the kids were getting everything all mixed up when they try to put up their books. The more I looked at the shelf, the more my left eye started to twitch!! 

I found the CUTEST chevron labels for FREE from this label blog (I just did a Google Search!) I didn't like the size, so I played around in publisher and did 4 per page. Then, throughout the day today as I was walking around monitoring students,  and after school for about an hour - I resorted my books. It actually a nice way to do inventory of my books. I used to have about 20 A to Z Mysteries- I'm down to 5!!! I also sent my 5th and 6th grade books down the hall to a friend -- I haven't been in 5th grade in a few years, and I  really like 3rd and want to stay here. She also hasn't been teaching as long, and was SUPER grateful for the books. I kept some of my books I just couldn't part with, and I organized what was left. (Still hundreds of books!!) 
Much better!! The top shelf are my Newberry Winners that I read to my reading group - and some of my advanced books are closer to the top- at the beginning of 3rd grade, I only let a few students pick those. 

Is anyone else obsessed with Beverly Cleary?! Timeless classics - I think I have every book she's ever written! I read them all as a child. 

I grouped together similar genres, such as Percy Jackson and the Guardians of Ga'Hoole -- both being fantasy and a similar reading level. 

I had a lot of books that didn't really fit into other categories- and I started looking. I bought these books because of the awesome characters -- so I created this category! 

Books about sports and books about animals always appeal to my boys - what could be better than reading about football!! 

On another note - today my students went on a "noun hunt" around the school. They had so much fun!!! It really made the activity come alive, and they were scrambling to finish their list. 

The students walked through the cafeteria as lunch was being fixed - they were impressed with the hustle and bustle they usually do not see! 

I told you I had a great group! Look at those kiddos working!! 

I was SUPER excited when I got home because my new Thirty One catalogs came (along with the goodies I ordered for my GIVEAWAY -- check out yesterday's blog to enter!! - None of these items are in the giveaway-because they're not even available yet! ) 

I am in LOVE with this new tablet case-- WANT ONE NOW! 

Check out the new option on the Lil' expressions!! I WANT IT ALL

LOVING the owl lunchbox!

Seriously-- are these not the cutest!?! If you want any of these bags- email my personal email - I'm a Thirty One consultant, and I can get you what you need! 

Hope everyone is having a great week back - whether with kiddos, in meetings and work days  or still in full swing summer! 


  1. I love the noun hunt! They look so excited!!! I have yet to find a good way to organize all of my books. The baskets hang off my bookshelves (*shutters at the thought*) and my babies just can't quite remember how to put books back even close to where they got them from sometimes, even when organized by title/color/ar level/anything else! I'm sure it'll work for your big kids, though! :-p Love the organization!!

    1. They were SOO excited! I found these baskets at Dollar General - 3 for $1.25!! Big Lots has them 3 for $1.00 AND we get 10% off with our ID there!! I have found that the best thing to do is give each child a clothes pin - and when they check out a book - they clip it to the basket. I thought by genre would work the best. My picture books are another story - I don't DARE try to organize those. I also find an OCD kid each year - they always help me keep the shelf straight! haha