Sunday, August 18, 2013

Late Night Snacks.....

So tonight my wonderful dog Angel, who isn't always one....went counter surfing! Her loot was the new bag of dog treats (which she shared with Yolo), and two chocolate cupcakes! (*Don't freak out - I fed her chicken and rice- and it wasn't enough chocolate to hurt her - just enough to give her an upset tummy and sending her running for the yard to use the bathroom a couple of times!).  She made off with the loot when I was writing lesson plans!

So - I have uploaded a  new product to my TpT store! Yay!! I uploaded my ENTIRE collection of spelling lists. One for each week, PLUS a cut and sort for each week, for the whole year. The list include a parent letter, and everything is EDITABLE!!!
Each list starts with a letter asking students to write 5 sentences. I will edit this for some of my students to say "Complete 3 menu items". There are pattern words,as well as sight words to spell. 
There are also two dictation sentences. One sentence that follows the pattern words, and a second sentence that throws in vocabulary words from across the curriculum. Bonus sentences are worth 5 points! 

For every list there is also this cut and sort list. Students practice cutting and sorting words into the correct columns. 

Do you love it? I know I would have loved finding the work already done! I saved each list over a years time, and put them all into a zip folder. This folder is my newest addition on TpT! Check it out HERE!

Don't forget about my giveaway!!!!! There are still 5 days left to enter! Go to this blog post for your chance to win!

Good luck to my teacher friends going back to school this week, and good luck to those of us returning. Those still on vacation - enjoy your time!! :)


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