Monday, August 5, 2013

Pass the coffee!!!

I'm by no means a "morning coffee" drinker. I love coffee later in the day - especially on days like today when I could use a pick me up! I got into my classroom WAY to early this morning and began setting up! I was REALLY excited to get my room set - I'll be in an inservice for the next TWO days, and upon returning I have parents and kiddos coming into my room to meet me for business day! I spent the day hanging up signs, posters and organizing things. I took some photos so those of you not in my little area of VA can see! *** This is VERY much still a work in progress- but it's getting there!

The computer/AR center: 

These signs say "I have met my 9 weeks goal", "I have met my year goal" and "I have 100 AR points." You can grab your copy at my TPT store! 

I collect all the supplies at the beginning of the year, and we have community supplies. This is where they will all be stored. 

This is my teacher corner! I have a quiet reading area right next to my desk. My cousin flies planes in the bush in Alaska -- I'm going to get some photos from him and decorate that corner and name it "Alaska"-- it will be a place for students to go to cool off! I'm also very excited about my chevron lamp - I'll be able to work when the lights are off for guidance/art for the students. 

The view from my small group table -- I can see the whole room! You can see my bookcase, my writing table, the paper station, the math cart, and all shelving things that keep me organized. 

Here you can see the paper station and writing table. I love, love, LOVE the pink tablecloth. It really perks up the whole area! 

Here you can see my printers, my computer, the students supply bookcase, and my bulletin board. I will be putting up center rotations there with the friendly reminder "C3B4ME" for students. 

I'm VERY excited about my morning math board -- the numbers will change each day, but the skills will repeat for great scaffolding! 

This is my SFA board and shelf. SFA requires a board with 3 stories of Vocabulary and praise for the winning teams. Here are the bins for my reading groups as well. 

I'm going to hang u my students "AR Charm" necklaces here -- the board says "3rd Swag". Third graders LOVE the word Swag-- it makes anything you give them extra cool! 

Whole room shot 1 

Whole room shot 2 

Check out my reading chair!! The white chair overflowing with books is a bookcase AND a chair. It's probably my favorite piece of furniture. 

I hope to finish organizing some things - but I feel good that my room looks mostly put together. Everything has a place- and that is SUPER important for an OCD type person :) 

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope those of you who have returned to work are enjoying your time in your classroom and getting things done! 


  1. Love your chevron lamp and the "Alaska" spot- so clever!

  2. Your room looks great! And I love your white "reading" chair! ~Deb
    Crafting Connections

  3. Found you through a comment on the VA Blog Hop and seeing as you teach 3rd like I do, I thought I take a look - glad I did! I'm your newest follower!
    Your room looks great and it appears you are ready! I have a couple of weeks left before I start.
    ღ Diane

    1. Thanks Diane!! I will be hopping over to your blog now! I hope you can find some useful things for your classroom -- that's my favorite part about blogging!!