Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Sunday!

I may blog more this evening after family time - right now I'm watching my hubby play with the doggies while I work on adding a few things to my blog, like......

3rd Grade Things "Grab My Button"! I will be working on this with the help of this great code generator


  1. Love it! I have one on mine, too... the question is, how do I put yours on mine? lol I'd love to, if you can tell me how! :-)

  2. You go into your design, and add a new "HTML" code gadget - Name it "Blogs I Follow". Copy my link, and paste it in! Then you can show off other blogs you follow!

  3. You can also grab it when you are refferencing my blog -- like "Go check out my friend's blog here: and then put it in!