Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Last Weekend of Freedom!

Am I the only teacher EXCITED to go back to school? I've been talking to my friend Valerie over at Asking for Seconds (we have been friends since Middle School, and teach in the same district -- I don't want to say how many years I've known her because that would make us sound OLD and we most definitely are not!), and she already has her room set up! ACK!!! Maybe the one day next week we have been told we can come in, I should kidnap her! (I do pass her house on my way to my school - but I know she will be sleeping in enjoying her last week off!). We "officially" return on August 5, so I figured if I was going to have one last "hurrah" of summer - this was it!

Friday, I spent the whole day with Momma. I was happy to spend time with her, I just wish it wasn't taking her to the doctor! She has been sick for several weeks now, and the doctors just can't figure it out! After a trip to the specialist in Roanoke, we hope to get some answers soon! She did humor me as I looked around for some used bookshelves, but I found nothing. :( I DID get the supplies to make my own bulletin boards to hang up in the classroom! I made TWO bulletin boards for only $26! (That includes my fabric, AND my mounting tape!!) Check back for Monday Made It to see my step by step directions for that one!

Friday night, the hubs and I met up with some friends (at the local Wal-Mart -- where else would you meet when you live in a small town?!) and drove just over an hour to Natural Bridge. If you are passing through Virginia, and are anywhere near Natural Bridge -- I suggest you go.
This photo is a shot of "The Natural Bridge" 
Friday Night we were interested in the "speedway". I wouldn't exactly call it a speedway, but it is a paved 1/8 mile track, and the hubs has an 11XX Blackbird that he ran for a few passes at the track. If you like racing, you understand there's nothing like being at the track, front and center, watching cars go as fast as they can! The smell of the track is that of burnt rubber, 110 octane fuel, sometimes burnt clutch, and oil. I swear, if they bottled it and women wore it, they would have to beat men off with a stick! We had taken the truck and bike ramps (just incase!) with us, and it was a good thing! Someone from our area wrecked their bike that night, and we were able to take it back home for them. We wrapped up the night with a meal at B-dubs - who doesn't love good company and good food?!

This morning (Saturday), the hubs let the dogs out, and kept them away from me so that I could sleep in! Our pups are on a schedule, and the latest I've gotten to sleep in all summer is 7:00 am. There should be some kind of law against that! This morning, I slept until 8:30! I woke up, and while the hubs took the wrecked bike back to its very upset owner, I did some laundry and cycled the dish washer. It has been a rainy gloomy day, so we thought it would be the perfect day for a movie. I thought this was wonderful since Target is across the road from the movie theater I was steering the hubs toward. We were excited to see the new Wolverine movie-- I'm a HUGE X-Men fan - and who doesn't love Hugh Jackman?! I was SO disappointed !! Not the best movie at all! However, My plan worked, and I was able to wrangle my hubby into the Target to check out some supplies! (I'll post pictures at the end!)  We wrapped up the evening with pancakes for dinner, and taking care of the weekly grocery shopping!! It was then that I realized the back of my truck had been taken OVER by back to school supplies, and I needed to bring them in and organize them!

I purchased THREE of these lamps -- my friend Ms. Bowles and I went shopping on Thursday afternoon at Walmart. I had already bought everything I needed for my classroom....So I said I would only spend $20 or less. $40 later.....I snagged 3 of these lamps! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mint color! I got two of these, and one pink one. They are going to match my labels perfectly! Ms. Bowles had lamps last year, and I loved the soft lighting they gave off in the room. I also want to get two smaller lamps for the writing station and my desk. 

Here's a photo of the things I purchased JUST this weekend! I found that cute dog clock at our Dollar General! It was only $1 - and I plan on putting it into a Daily Math morning work board. The felt I picked up for the bottom of my desks instead of those pesky tennis balls! I also picked up some of the long hot glue sticks - I use hot glue to hang EVERYTHING in my room! I also picked up two small liquid glues to try the glue sponge this year. I know this doesn't seem like a lot -- but it was just in ONE WEEKEND....PLUS my bulletin board supplies....PLUS the online things I have ordered.....PLUS everything I ordered at the end of last year!! 

I packed everything up in my Large Utility tote - <3 My Thirty One! (I am a consultant, so I will always have a bag for every location! I have more than one of these ready to go into my classroom next week. This bag, along with my Teacher Toolbox, Grade Copy File box, lamps, and several other things are sitting in the kitchen ready to go! 

I am looking forward to a relaxing day with the hubby and pups tomorrow. Bring it on next week -- I am ready to get into my room and work some magic! 

PS-- I finally got around to opening a TpT store -- check it out here


  1. Hi Jessica! I found your blog, and I love its design! I've signed up as your newest bloglovin follower! My family loves to travel, and we will be placing the Natural Bridge on our bucket list!
    Crafting Connections

    1. Awww- thanks for your sweet comment Deb! I have just started this blog, but I serve as my schools Technology Representative, so in a few weeks, I will have SO much to blog about! Natural Bridge is AMAZING! There's hiking, a nice gift shop with a butterfly garden walkthrough, and a zoo - all within about 1 mile of each other! It's just off of I-81, so it is super easy to get to! Thanks for following me - I will be checking out Crafting Connections!

    2. WOW! We love to hike, and my girls love the zoo, too, so it sounds like a great place for us to visit! Also, when you go to my blog, you'll see your name "in print"...I've nominated you for a Liebster award.
      Smiles, Deb
      Crafting Connections