Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Freebie for Fifteen Followers!!

I just got an email, saying that I have a new follower on Bloglovin' - which brings my current total to 10. Add that to my 5 followers on Blogspot, and I'm at 15! Woo hoo! :) (If Pinterest lead you to this awesome blog -- follow me! I love freebies!) It's the little things in life that bring the most joy!
So, to celebrate, I'm giving you all my latest creation for F-R-E-E. I was playing around in MS Publisher, and created a morning work recorder sheet for my Math Board I will be creating!

Just click HERE to be taken to the Google Doc! 

I had some inspiration for this- Originally a pin on Pinterest led me to this blog. My friend Valerie over at AskingForSeconds shared her WONDERFUL sheet she uses (She managed to get hers down to 1/2 a sheet-- it's in her TpT store HERE). Her's was great for 2nd grade -- it has tally marks, odd and even, Hundreds Tens Ones, and AWESOME things for 2nd grade. I teach 3rd grade- and my students are responsible for going to the Hundred Thousands place and difficult multi step word problems, so I had to add in some 3rd grade skills that I know students have trouble with. I was also excited, because this was the first classroom related object I made with MS Publisher. I'm not a fan of MS Office in general - but this one, I'll keep for cute things like this! 

I get to go into my classroom tomorrow to work, and I am SOOOOO excited. I was allowed to sneak in for a few minutes today and arrange some furniture. I had this hideously ugly falling apart bookcase

The back was one of those cheap cardboard pieces -- the case is a hand me down, and I love the size. I wanted to make it work! 

About an hour later, and two rolls of contact paper from The Dollar General ($2.75 each) - I have this beautiful shelf! I'm in LOVE! 

When my classroom doesn't look like something exploded -- I will post some photos! 


  1. Thank you for the freebie! I'm also a VA teacher and your newest follower :)

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    1. I am now too following you on Bloglovin' -- It's always great to see other VA bloggers! I am so happy you like the freebie - and I hope I have some other things you can use. Check out a few post back - I have added several freebies in the past week! I like to celebrate :)