Friday, April 25, 2014

Five for Friday with the Pencil Sharpener that Will Change Your Life

Happy Friday Ya'll!!! When Friday gets here, I just want to leave school and go home and take a NAP. I packed up my bag this afternoon and headed out so quickly, I almost forgot my laptop!! That would've made me SO upset, because this weekend I'm putting together a GIVEAWAY for my 100 followers!!!! Stay tuned for that. 

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This pencil sharpener will change your life. We've all read that -- and seriously -- didn't we think the teachers who said that were crazy?! Welllllllllllll....................they were RIGHT. I got home on Wednesday afternoon to see a box on my front porch, and believe you me -- I was EXCITED. I immediately knew my pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies had arrived. There are a few things I have to say about this sharpener. 
1) It is VERY nicely made -- like SERIOUSLY. My teaching partner Joanne tried it out, and she couldn't believe that this sharpener was made with such amazing quality. It really is a heavy duty sharpener. 
2) You have not seen a sharp pencil until you sharpen a pencil with one of these. 
3) The quality of my students' work increased. You know that kid whose writing you can't read? This sharpener gets the pencils such a nice point, that it actually helps the legibility of your students writing! 
4) My electric sharpener is going in the trash. Seriously. Once you go Classroom friendly supplies, you never go back! 
5) This is KID friendly. I showed all my kids ONE time how to use it - and they're all old pros now! I don't think I'll EVER  have to sharpen another pencil as long as I live - but I want to! This sharpener is that cool! We have pencil sharpening only in the morning, and you wouldn't believe how much faster my kiddos are coming to the room from breakfast. 

My next step -- is ordering a couple more of these! I want one for my colored pencils, one for my desk, and one for the kids! 

Area vs. Perimeter - Post it Note Style

So....students ALWAYS mix up area and perimeter. They just do. The more hands on interesting activities you can do, the better. We started off the week by creating our own Area and Perimeter Robots on Tuesday and Wednesday! The most fun activity however, was today's Post-It note activity. 
I handed each group of students Post It notes. My directions were, "These are your units. Tell me the area and perimeter of a desk in your group. Go". I didn't answer any questions, and FORCED my students to do what they thought was correct, and talk in their groups about their methods. It worked AMAZINGLY. I must give these kiddos credit-- they usually do pretty good with cooperative learning. 

I know I'm not the only one doing this.......Seriously

Check out the new design.....

This is a blog design I worked on with some backgrounds and banners from the Cutest Blog on the Block. They have super cute designs, and I love all things Nautical. Even my hubby commented that he liked the new look! 


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  1. Love 5 for Friday posts! I can't wait to get back into blogging this summer; I've missed sharing all the cool things that have been happening.

    I also really love my CFS sharpener. I've had mine for two school years now, and it's still sharpening pencils beautifully! However, I have banned colored pencils from the sharpener. The lead breaks off in the sharpener and I have to take it apart. There's still no good way to sharpen them...

  2. The allergy meme made me laugh! I love spring, but my whole family has the sniffles. Not fun! That sounds like a cool pencil sharpener, I'll have to check it out.

    The Learning Chambers

    1. Stephanie make sure to follow me -- I'll be including ome in my giveaway.