Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Technology Camps

Wow - it's July? What happened to my summer! I have been working ALL summer. (Really - I have!) I was the director of our county's summer programs, and they were SO successful this year. Our first camp, Soaring Eagle Digital Media Academy, ran from June 17-20. We had about 75 students attend, and it was AMAZING! Students learned Computer Animations, Digital Storytelling, Creating Video Games, virtual world science, and more! The best part (students voted) was our new addition this year, the "Digital Playground" This was an hour, split into two 30 minute sessions throughout the week. Students were give "play time" with aeronautics (YES! We had helicopters, planes, and all other RC things), iPads, games from the Chrome store, and more! It was so cool to watch the kids explore. Check out the photos here:

Last week, I worked on our county's RPDIT - a week long professional development for teachers. As the chairwoman, I worked with all the instructors, on registration with our WONDERFUL secretary Barb (I'd be lost without her!!), and by the end of the week I was exhausted. We had between 65-80 teachers, ITRTs, and Technology Representatives from ALL over south west Virginia each day. Wednesday, July 10 was VSTE Day. We partnered with the Virginia Society for Technology in Education to provide over a dozen break out sessions on Wednesday. It was AMAZING! I even got to see a 3D printer in use! Even though I was in charge of finding instructors for each class, and helping our technology director to design the classes, I still learned a ton of cool ideas from my peers!  I gathered lots of new ideas, and even finally got on the Twitter Wagon! You can follow me @teach3rdmath :) I have so much to put into my classroom next year, I can't wait to go back! (Remind me that I said that August 5th when we have our first day back! Check out some photos of participants of RPDIT 2013

Next week wraps up our last summer camp for the kids in our county - and it has an Amazing Race theme! I am SO excited. For the past 5 or so years, we have done a CSI themed camp, which is always a hit. Amazing Race is new for us, and I'm sure it will be a learning experience. It certainly was a learning experience for me planning the camp! The students are in 9 groups, and throughout Monday-Wednesday they will travel through 9 challenges. On Thursday, students will work using iMovie to create a movie trailer of their journey through the week. We will have a "showing" of the movies for parents and community members on Thursday @11.  Just as on TV, during the race there are "Road blocks", challenges, and even starter challenges that students must work together on to receive their next clue! Each clue is in an envelope, and we will have all stations set up and watch the students move through. We are expecting between 60-70 students each day. I will post updates at the end of the camp.

After camp next week, I transition back into my role as classroom teacher, and leave the technology office. (The thought makes me tear up!) I guess I have the best of both worlds -- I get to play ITRT in the summer, and keep my classroom throughout the year! If you would like any information on any of the camps or Professional development that I organized for Franklin County, VA this year, shoot me an email, I'd be happy to share!

PS-- Sad news-- my BFF and co teacher Candice will be moving to 2nd grade next year. The only good part about this is that my niece will be in 2nd grade with her, and we will still be neighbors. Check out her blog:


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