Friday, July 19, 2013

Pinterest Project!!!

Pinterest Project Success!


So I'm sure you've been seeing these 3 drawer organizers ALL over Pinterest. They're about as popular as the "Teacher Toolboxes" (which by the way is on my "to do" list), and for good reason! They're TOTALLY AWESOME! What a great way to stay organized! Part of my goal this year is to redecorate my classroom. It's been so hard to do in the past because I have moved EVERY year to a different room. That means I spend most of my time MOVING instead of organizing and decorating. (We aren't allowed to go in early-- CRINGE!) 

Anyway- I knew this project was one I could complete in just a few minutes, and that would save me from clutter piling up on my desk. 
I started with a 3 drawer organizer, with the drawers that are 81/2X11 in size. I found mine at Wal-Mart for around $8.00. Our local Roses and Dollar General had the same thing for about $9.00-$10.00.

 I found some super cute scrapbook paper while I was in Wal-Mart too. I was excited because our Wal-Mart seriously downgraded their arts and craft section a few years ago, and I was worried at what I would find. Instead, I spend the better part of half an hour going back and forth between the packs. I wanted them all, but I told myself I could only buy one! I purchased a Colorbok Pattern Pack - it comes with 50 sheets, 25 patterns- two of each. I also bought a 3 pack of scrapbooking letters, and some double stick tape. I always leave all my office supplies at school over the summer!! 

I trimmed the width of the paper first, then used my nail to crease down the paper at the correct height. I could have been really anal about this and measured everything, but I just kind of measured as I went. I then cut the three papers, and stuck on the letters. I used double side tape to stick it to the inside of the drawers, and viola! Finished project! I had to finish quickly - my four legged fur babies were going crazy for me to play with them!


A lot of the examples I saw said, "Grade, Copy, Return". I decided I'm pretty good about returning the papers, it's just refiling my own I have a problem with.
Next week (I hope) I will make my version of "The Teacher's Toolbox" that is floating aorund Pinterest! That is - unless I make it to Lowes or Home Depot this weekend for a Make It Monday! 

Thanks for checking out my post!  


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