Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Editable Back to School Organizing Papers- Freebie!

As we are all getting ready to go Back to School, and think about getting ourselves organized and ready to start a fresh new year! Right now on my blog I only have 2 followers, and I'm going to celebrate that with some FREEBIES!!!!!! The better news -- when I get up to 20, I will do another FREEBIE AND a giveaway! Today, I am offering not 1, not 2, but 3 Freebies!!!! Each sheet that I have for you today is in a Google Doc, but if you choose File----> Save a Copy, then you will have a copy to edit and put in your students' names.

Today, I was thinking about things I have done in the past that make my life easier, and my classroom run smoother. The first, and my favorite, is my behavior sheet! I changed this one to be one sheet for the whole week, although in the past I have done one sheet per day. To use the weekly sheet, each day a student breaks a rule, you write down the rule number under the day. To use the sheet as a daily sheet, write each subject or time block down in the spaces, and write down the number of the rule they break and where. This is GREAT documentation for RTI Behavior Plans, and to notice patterns in your children's behavior. Are they misbehaving only during reading? This will track that for you!

The next sheet that I LOVE is my Child Information Roster. Parents fill out information on Back to School Night, Open House, Business Day, or when ever you sit down for your first meeting. This is one document to keep in your Teacher Binder that contains the child's name, mom and dads name, birthdays, health problems, and anything else about your students you might think is important. It keeps me so organized because I don't have to run to the office to get a phone number! This preview snapshot is only the first page, be sure to click on the title to download!

The last freebie for the night is my Gradebook. I love having my Gradebook with my Teacher Binder, and I have found this simple form allows me to add my students' names, and 10 assignments  There is a spot for the date, as well as the score, and the description of the assignment at the bottom. It really keeps me organized, as each subject area gets its own paper. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! Remember to follow me to get access to great freebies, as well as to check out some really awesome 3rd Grade Things! 


  1. Such a great idea having the student write the rule number down! Not only will it bring accountability but it also helps that end-of-the-day moment when you're trying to think of what they did wrong to write a note in their planner about! lol Last year I actually had to ask one of my kids why they had to move up! I'm SO doing this!

    You should post these in your TpT store :-p... once you make a TpT store ;-).

  2. I love it -- I took it into a parent meeting, along with the weekly assignment sheets with a behavior section that I send home. The parent was speechless. On another note -- I did listen and make a TPT store -and I put these in there! :) I put them for free on my blog - but I think they are like a quarter in my store.