Monday, July 22, 2013

Amazing Race -- SO COOL!!!

So, as many of you know my job during the summer is working for the Technology Department orchestrating two summer camps for the kiddos in our county, and one week long professional development for our region. This week is the last week of my summer work, which for me is sad! I LOVE working at the technology office - the people and atmosphere is WONDERFUL! It's so cool to have a job to plan only technology based things! It's a nice change of pace from my school year. Although I am sad, I am super excited to get back into my classroom!! 
Today was the first day of our "Amazing Race" Camp. In this camp, we have students split into groups of about 8 students, and lead by some of my fellow teachers from here in the county. The teachers really are just that -- leaders. The entire week is student based inquiry challenges. The teachers that are working are WONDERFUL -- they really let the students take charge and lead them in such an encouraging way. I <3 the teachers I have this week! 
I have set up 9 Start Ups and 9 Challenges for each team to complete. The students follow a rotation schedule to travel through each station by the end of the week, with a special task on the last day. You can see that rotation schedule here.  Each start up is a clue that leads them into their challenges. The challenges require students to work together as a team, using technology as a tool for their discoveries. For example, the first starter (called Clue#1) had students work together to FaceTime "The Great Oz" -- a candy stuffed M&M at the Tech Office! The Oz gave the students a password, which their clue instructed them to take to Ms. Lavinder. Ms. Lavinder had set up a xylophone with snapple bottles and water! Students had to tune the xylophone, and then play a song. It was SO cool! 

I even interrupted the challenges with a "Road Block". Some of our software partners seriously hooked us up with some SWAG! Webroot, our Antivirus software, sent in screen cleaners, mouse pads, and the students favorite, stylus, pen, flashlight combinations. (They donated a TON for our summer programs -- and the kiddos LOVE it). iBoss Security donated tshirts that were created to look like security shirts, and our middle school group went crazy over them! 
iBoss Security SWAG!

They are BEYOND excited -- Webroot SWAG ! One of the kiddos even said, "It's a flashlight, AND a stylus! My brother is going to be SO jealous!" 

These kids show off their webroot mouse pads -- they came in 2nd for the day ! The race is ON tomorrow! 

Screen Cleaners, courtesy of Webroot. They restick to your iPad over and over again! The kids  did NOT want to share these with anyone! 
One of our challenges was to land an RC Helicopter on a series of  helipads. The sequence was ROY G. BIV - which was part of the students' challenge to figure out! They were just given a few clues, and the colors. It was so cool to watch them work! 

Students here were working to set up a FaceTime interview with someone  across town in our offices! 
As you can see, our kiddos has a G-R-E-A-T time at camp today. I can't wait to see how Day 2 goes. If you have been thinking of doing an Amazing Race themed anything - I would be happy to share my resources! 


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